KinkZoid - The Book of Pages (Mook Records, 2007)
by Brad Glanden

Not to be confused with Pink Floyd, Chicago's KinkZoid comprises former members of avant rock trio The Blitzoids, whose oeuvre--recently reissued on Ad Hoc Records (read my review at All About Jazz)--still sounds fresh today. Blitzoid converts with an interest in the band members' current activities will be pleased to learn that The Book of Pages is even more deranged than the Blitzoids' LPs, while demonstrating considerable musical growth and even darker humor. This is not to suggest that KinkZoid’s self-released sophomore release can’t be enjoyed by newcomers; it’s an altogether different beast.The first track, “Warren Jeffs Explains”, immediately sets the album’s tone with a musical setting of notorious FLDS president Jeffs’ interpretation of rock ‘n’ roll’s origins. KinkZoid frequently uses mutated samples from nationalistic speeches, including a syntactic faux pas or two from everyone’s favorite current president, George W. Bush. These are sometimes laid over music with a Middle Eastern flavor, outlining a recurrent theme of The Book of Pages--namely, the deadly dangers inherent in fundamentalist readings of a religious text.Heavily treated vocals render the lyrics difficult to decipher; now and again, a stray phrase--“My telltale heart wants to poke you in the eye” from “Too Lazy to Kill”, for example--reaffirms KinkZoid’s predilection for twisted narratives. “I Was Walking” is a lyrical Moebius strip, somewhat like a MAD Magazine cover showing Alfred E. Neuman reading a MAD Magazine with a cover of Alfred E. Neuman reading MAD Magazine, ad infinitum. “They’re Burning”, meanwhile, seems to be a rant of some kind against McDonald’s and Starbucks.The Book of Pages is outsider music par excellence, a kaleidoscope of pitch-black humor, exotic sounds, and kooky audio ephemera. Those who are partial to sound collage should give this one a listen.



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