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KinkZoid has been described as an experimental, Avant-garde rock band. If you enjoy outsider, experimental, or just plain strange music then feel free to browse around the site and have a listen, but please try not to hurt yourself.


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KinkZoid in USA TODAY:

Band pokes fun at polygamist 'singer'
Warren Jeffs Explains by KinkZoid not exactly a hit

By Brian Passey

…….Meanwhile, a Chicago-based experimental
band has mocked one of Jeffs' sermons by putting
it to music, and his image has shown up on men's
boxers and women's unmentionables. To date,
nobody is close to getting rich.
The music group, KinkZoid, heard a clip of a
sermon in which Jeffs warned students at the private Alta Academy in Salt Lake City about the evils of listening to rock 'n' roll because of its
links to black culture. More……..